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monica. nj/philly. 19. mommy to-be. beach babe. jakeyhack. ♥

the good things in life: laying on the beach. hot unexplainable pink. my bestfriends and family. chihuahua pitbulls. new friends. candles. edm. pop punk. screamo. county. tanning. living my life the way I choose. never regretting. tattoo dates. painting your nails. stalking people. the sunlight. the city. cheetah print. illegal drugs. sex and dubstep. raves. plur. drinking. cute boys. being naked. old disney movies. long car rides. blasting music. fireworks. the feel of the bass. summer clothes. the pine barrens. old abandon buildings. music lyrics. a rocket to the moon. miley cyrus. jesse mccartney. books. leggings. chunky cardigans. pretty little liars. American horror story. my fire-engine red jeep wrangler. being silly. grilled cheese. pineapples. sushi. tie-dye. college partys. college boys. twitter. pikachu. hip dermals. dancing. xfinity live. ski bunnies. freaks of pennsauken. gorgeous sceneries. cotton candy skies. being obnoxious. body pillows. owning the world. good vibes. hibiscus flowers. knowing what it feels like to be a true friend. oh, and understanding more and more as you grow older that your mother was right all along.

Maturing is a part of life; embrace change and always be yourself.
keep shining, xoxo

Flirt awaaay(;
missing summer sun.